The Pet Sitters is based on a simple format, where Pet Owners who are looking for Pet Sitters place an advert for Pet Sitters to apply to.

Pet Owners can then communicate with Pet Sitters directly via our messaging system to arrange to meet. Simple!

It goes without saying – you should always be sure that the person you are communicating with are who they say they are.

  • Most of the matches on The Pet Sitters are for occasional walks, sitting or holiday care.Make sure you agree on any arrangements up front, including how and when you will give the dog back to the owner (ie will you drop the dog off at their house; or will they come and pick it up, and if so what time?). If you have agreed with the owner to take care of a dog for a longer period of time (especially over a month), then we recommend you agree in writing the details of what you have agreed, including the date the dog will be returned to the owner.
  • Meet with each other in a public space first – even without the Pet present. If you both feel comfortable, then introduce the Pet to the Sitter.

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